dreamstime_5536496 (2)You decided to book a wine tour, hooray! This will be a fun experience for you to enjoy with the people you have chosen to come with you on this alcohol-filled adventure. We at Silk Road Transportation want to make sure you have the best time touring our beautiful California countryside, and that you never worry about how you will be getting around. Our vehicles are equipped for any type of winery tour, and we can make sure you are comfortable, safe, and happy for the entirety of the ride.

Here are some tips we believe are beneficial to know when you go on a winery tour:

Make a Plan

It is always better to make a plan when it comes to winery tours. You never know what to expect since California is nice year round! The wineries can be just as busy on a Monday as they are on a Saturday. Also, remember to book your transportation with Silk Road Transportation in advance, too! You wouldn’t want to find out we don’t have the vehicle of your choosing, and now you are stuck renting a busted up van from “Vans Express.”

Start Early

It is never too early to start drinking wine, and if someone tells you differently, you don’t need that negativity in your wine tasting gang. It is best to start early so you beat the rush. Plus, if you planned a short trip or only booked our transportation for one day, you want to enjoy yourself, and the wine, at as many places as possible.

Wine EtiquetteSome customers of Silk Road Transportation on their wine tour!

When you are at your actual tasting (and if you haven’t been to one before), you may see a weird metal contraption. Well, not to alarm you, but that’s full of spit. Dubbed a spittoon, this is for people to just literally let the wine touch their palette, but not their tummy. If you don’t particularly like a wine you are trying, you can use the spittoon. People vary, so decide what’s best for you, but remember that wine catches up to you fast. And if you’ve planned four tours, pace yourself.


Never drive! Driving can lead to a disaster, because you either have someone who may compromise your life by drinking and driving, or you have a group member who can’t join in on all the fun you and the others are having.

Eliminate both these scenarios by implementing our transportation services for your winery tours. We have great vehicles for every type of party, and getting you to your destinations safely and efficiently is our main goal. Check out our different transportation vehicles and find the right one for you. Check back for our next blog, part of this series: What To Expect On Your Wine Tour: Part 2