It can be a tough task to plan a bachelorette party. Here at Silk Road Transportation and Wine Tours, though, we specialize in them! We have created our special Vinolorette package to help you plan a memorable day with friends at wineries and on vineyard tours throughout Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara, and Solvang.

Ask any bridesmaid or maid of honor who has ever planned one, and you’ll get a resounding answer: it can be difficult to gather a group of women together in a single uniform weekend that works for the whole party and coordinate everything from food to drinks, clothes, and more. Save yourself the stress and ensure the party is as sophisticated, fun, and memorable as can be by choosing us for your bachelorette party. Our California wine tours are well-known; our chauffeur service is safe, professional, and reliable; your wine tour will be specifically tailored to your party; and the wine — well you’ll just have to book your wine tour and taste it yourself! Silk Road Transportation and Wine Tours is the wine tasting service you’ve been looking for!

No matter the size of your group, we will do our best to accommodate you and your party. Gather your closest girlfriends for an incredible day of wine tasting tours to get a taste of the Santa Ynez Valley.

Make Your Bachelorette Party One to Remember!

The bachelorette party is the final hurrah before the bride-to-be begins her new married life, and that final celebration should be something that the entire party will remember. What better way to celebrate a new adventure than over a toast of wine with all your girls while enjoying a beautiful view over the Santa Ynez Valley? Have an elegant affair that includes those closest to you with Silk Road Transportation in the Santa Ynez Valley, one of the most sought-after areas in the country for wine tasting. You’ll have the opportunity to honor the bride-to-be with style and class, while also ensuring everyone in the party has a wonderful time on the wine tasting tour.

Why Choose a Wine Tour?

Gone are the days of the typical booze-fueled drunken adventures in big cities like New York City or Las Vegas. Instead, new brides are choosing to have their bachelorette parties at wine tastings and tours rather than throwing the usually wild party filled to the brim with drinks and hired male strippers. These days, we’re remembering our bachelorette parties (no promises, though!) and we’re taking them on the road with a private chauffeur. Here at Silk Road Transportation, we have a package that caters to each individual party’s needs. These packages include food, wine tasting (obviously!), visits to multiple wineries, and more! Increase the sophistication, satisfaction, and sweetness of your bachelorette party with Silk Road Transportation and Wine Tours. We’ll chauffeur you and your besties to wineries throughout Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, and Solvang. Contact us today!