1. How to Make the Most of Your Santa Barbara Wine Tour

    California’s wine country covers around three hundred square miles and hundreds of wineries. Without at least a vague plan, you could find yourself randomly driving around and sipping wine, without really getting much out of the experience. But with a little time and planning, your wine tour can go from drab to fab quickly. Here are 14 tips to get the most out of your wine tour and the best valu…Read More

  2. Health Benefits of Red Wine to Be Aware Of: Part 1

    At Silk Road Transportation, it is no secret how much we love wine from Santa Ynez Valley. Living in wine country allows us to taste some of the best wines and enjoy it within our own backyard. Not only do we love the taste of wine, but we also love all the health benefits it offers. Isn’t it reassuring when you pour yourself a glass of red and can relish in the fact that you are doing something…Read More


    Welcome to our blog, where we go over all the benefits of touring wine country, using our transportation service, and drinking delicious wine, of course. In our last post, we went over the different white wines that you may see on your Santa Ynez Wine tour. Not only that but also what white wines pair best with certain dishes. If white wine taught us anything, it was that it is a light, fresh, and…Read More

  4. Come To Wine Fantasy February 17th-20th!

    With a holiday weekend right around the corner, do you have exciting plans yet? Holiday weekends usually mean an extra day off from work and this also means you should either plan a fun weekend getaway or an enjoyable day to spend doing something relaxing and interesting. Well, you happen to be in luck because the Santa Ynez Valley is throwing an amazing weekend you can spend with anyone and every…Read More

  5. White Wines to Try in Santa Ynez Valley!

    When you are touring wine country, it is helpful to be educated about what kind of wines are available and, more importantly, what you would like to be tasting. In our last blog we discussed the difference between red and white wine. In this next post, we will be going over the difference in types of white wines. In Santa Ynez Valley, wine tours are a special experience. With Silk Road Transportat…Read More

  6. Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Santa Ynez Valley!

    Now that we have the new year underway, it is time to start thinking about the next big romantic holiday: Valentines Day. Valentines is celebrated by couples all over the world. This holiday you can adorn your loved one with chocolate, flowers, thoughtful gifts, and anything enchanting. If you have been struggling to come up with a plan for your Valentine's Day, come to Santa Ynez Valley! Santa Yn…Read More

  7. Know the Difference Between Red and White for Your Santa Ynez Valley Wine Tour

    When you go to a fancy dinner, wine tour, or a dinner party do you ever feel pressure as to what you should be drinking? If someone asks you red or white do you secretly cringe? Does the thought of drinking wine intimidate you? You are not alone! Wine is one of the more complex alcoholic beverages and people who are sommeliers(experts of wine) study many years to be properly educated about the cul…Read More

  8. Celebrate With a Wine Tour in Santa Ynez Valley

    In wine country, we believe there is always a reason to come try some delicious wines and enjoy the beautiful California countryside. Special occasions and holidays are no exception. With Silk Road Transportation by your side, they will always have you covered so you can get to your wine tour. You will always be riding in comfort and style for any occasion you choose for your wine tour in Santa Yn…Read More

  9. Wine Tips For Your Wine Tour In Santa Ynez: Part 2

    If you have been keeping up with our blog, you noticed how we have been giving you all kinds of tips and tricks so you look like a professional on your wine tour. With a beautiful backdrop of green rolling hills and grapevines for days, you will love being on this wine tour of Santa Ynez. At Silk Road Transportation or passion is to make sure you are safe and having the best time on your wine tou…Read More

  10. Wine Tips For Your Wine Tour In Santa Ynez: Part 1

    When it comes to California, it has many amazing things to offer. Beautiful rolling hills in the countryside, amazing mountains to ski in the winter, and incredible cities to see all the sights. One of our favorite parts of California's wine country, located in Santa Ynez Valley, is wine country It has a breathtaking countryside backdrop, delicious wine to try at many different wineries, and lovel…Read More