dreamstime_xxl_22903650You have traveled far and wide to get your wine tasting on. Silk Road Transportation in Santa Barbara wants to make sure your wine time in the best time. We will keep you safe, so you never have to worry about Aunt Mildred taking you home after a fun day. We have reached the last few tips of this blog series. We hope you have enjoyed, and implement these when you go on your wine tasting tours!

How Long Should You Spend On The Wine Train

This is something to decide when you are deciding on your trip. Do you want to go for a half-day or do you want to try to hit all the wineries on a long weekend? Whatever the case may be this is all doable. Especially with your transportation specialists: Silk Road Transportation in Santa Barbara. You can rent us for five hours or more at a time. So if you want to tour for multiple days, just let us know!

Be a Little Wine Savvy

We aren’t saying have every wine made in Santa Ynez memorized by heart, but have an idea if you like red or white better, if you prefer sweet or dry, etc. This will help your wine expert find things you’ll love, and it will make the process a little bit quicker if you have a few tours planned in a row.

This Isn’t Uncle Charlie’s Wedding

Everyone has that one uncle at the wedding that hits it a little too hard. It’s okay to feel happy and carefree on your wine tour without stumbling from place-to-place. Make sure you are maintaining a good pace that’s right for you, and then if you begin to feel a little too good, take a break. No one wants to fall off of the wine train prematurely.

So, there you have it. These are all of the major tips we think are good to know when planning winery tours in California. We want you to have the best time tasting all the delicious wine without having to worry about getting a ride home. Silk Road Transportation is the tool you need to successfully complete the winery tours of your palette’s dream. We have the staff and vehicles you need to have an enjoyable and safe time. So have that third glass, eat that tapas, and take in all the beautiful wine country has to offer!