If you have been keeping up with our blog, you noticed how we have been giving you all kinds of tips and tricks so you look like a professional on your wine tour. With a beautiful backdrop of green rolling hills and grapevines for days, you will love being on this wine tour of Santa Ynez.

At Silk Road Transportation or passion is to make sure you are safe and having the best time on your wine tour. Never worry about getting around, and feel like a movie star in one of our amazing transportation vehicles.

Here are some more proper etiquette tips for your wine tour in Santa Ynez

Keep Your Palate Fresh

Make sure if there is water nearby you are rinsing your mouth and drinking the water to help clear the taste of the previous wine. This is important because you don’t want the taste of a previous wine to mix with a new one, as that may be why you didn’t like it. Other things you can utilize for your palette is light cheese or chocolate. These foods will not only be delicious but help rid your mouth of the taste of the previous wine. And who doesn’t love wine, cheese, and chocolate?

The Four Steps

When it comes to drinking wine, you aren’t supposed to slam it down. There are steps in place to make sure you get the full body of the wine you are tasting, especially when it comes to red

  • Look – Check out the color to see the different shades of reds
  • Swirl – If you see droplets clinging to the side of the glass this means the wine has a pretty high ABV
  • Smell – Take in the aroma of the wine, this will help you experience the full taste
  • Sip – Go ahead and try it, sip, and then swish it in your mouth

Avoid the Bowl

This phrase may sound confusing, but what we mean is the bowl of the glass. A wine glass has some technical terms associated with it, and what you will hear very often are the bowl and the stem. The bowl is the round part of the glass that holds that wonderful red or white liquid. The stem is what is attached to the bowl so that the glass is supported. When drinking wine on your wine tour in Santa Ynez, make sure you are always holding the glass by the stem. This is extremely important for a multitude of reasons:

  • Avoiding fingerprints on the glassware
  • Affecting the temperature of the wine, especially red wine
  • Changing the taste
  • Looking like an amateur

We always want you to have an enjoyable time on your wine tour in Santa Ynez. Remembering these tips will ensure you are more educated about the etiquette of wine, and you will impress everyone in your group with your stellar knowledge. When you are planning your wine tour in Santa Ynez, always remember to get your transportation taken care of with Silk Road Transportation. Our transportation vehicles will keep you in style and comfortable all at the same time. Have a blast on your next wine tour in Santa Ynez!