With a beautiful combination of rolling foothills, shallow valleys, and ocean breezes, Santa Barbara is one of the most diverse grape producing regions we have.

The mediterranean climate creates an ideal location for producing a generous selection of high quality wines, and visitors can take advantage of everything from small tasting rooms to mass production operations.

But a visit to Santa Barbara wine country doesn’t need to be exclusive to vineyards, grapes, and tastings. You can visit the region year round and enjoy the Spanish architecture, fair weather, and sandy beaches. There are plenty of opportunities for relaxing days of spas and shopping or active days full of biking, concerts, and nightlife.

Whether you fancy a quick weekend getaway or you’re planning a special bachelorette or anniversary trip, there’s plenty to keep you busy in the region.

Here are 5 of our favorite things to do in the area.

1. Spend the Day Wine Tasting

A visit to Santa Barbara wine country wouldn’t be complete without enjoying some of the wine, and a day wine tasting is an excellent way to experience the bounty the region has to offer.

In an area with so many wineries, it would be difficult to have to narrow your wine choices to a few bottles. Tastings, in contrast, let you try small amounts of a wide variety of wines, even ones you might not usually drink.

Though it might be tempting to try to visit as many wineries as possible, for the most pleasant experience you should limit your plans to three or four.

If you try to visit too many wineries, you might find yourself rushing or overindulging and not being able to appreciate the properties and atmosphere. Beyond tastings, many wineries offer snacks and allow you to buy a glass or two of wine to sip on while you relax.

You might also consider packing a picnic and booking a wine chauffer to make sure you travel safely, in style, to your wineries of choice. Or, for a more comprehensive service, you could book a personalized wine tour for a fun, educational, and high quality experience.

Fortunately, with a dedicated driver, you won’t have to worry about spitting during a tasting, mapping out directions, or missing the beautiful scenery along the drive.

2. Plan a Big Night Out

Santa Barbara wine country is filled to the brim with delectable restaurants, plenty of shopping, and a vibrant nightlife. A night out on the town is a fun way to experience the culture and have a relaxing, carefree evening with friends or loved ones.

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The ease, safety, and five star experience of using a transportation service for a night out will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the food, shopping, and nightlife in Santa Barbara without worrying about how you’ll get home, or waiting for a taxi or rideshare.

Plus, there’s nothing like traveling to and from a night out in comfort and style. When you arrive in downtown Santa Barbara in a black car, party bus, or limousine, you and your friends will feel like nothing can stop you from enjoying the evening.

3. Watch a Performance at the Santa Barbara Bowl

The Santa Barbara Bowl is an amphitheatre carved into the hillside. This open-air venue is more intimate than the Hollywood Bowl and offers a year-round lineup of exceptional talent and live performances.

While you enjoy music under the stars, you’ll be able to see views of the Channel Islands and downtown Santa Barbara. With the music, climate, and the views, a performance at the Santa Barbara Bowl is a full sensory experience.

Don’t forget to visit the Scranton Overlook just above the seats, where you can indulge in a glass of wine and take in the views that stretch from Carpinteria all the way to the bluffs of Hope Ranch.

If you don’t want the hassle of traffic or finding a parking spot, consider special event transportation. Arriving at a concert in style isn’t just for VIPs. A private vehicle combines convenience and luxury so you’ll have a night you’ll never forget.

4. Explore Santa Ynez Valley

If you really want to explore the best wineries in town, take a trip out to Santa Ynez Valley.

The best way to explore the Santa Ynez Wine Trail is to book private transportation for the day. You’ll find many options for personalized wine tours, including specially crafted itineraries and catered lunches. Your driver will know the area and transport you to and from your destinations comfortably and safely.

Once you arrive in the valley, be prepared for majestic horses, sprawling gardens, and great picnic spots. For an active day, you could try hiking in one of the parks, taking a cycling tour, or horseback riding while you enjoy the mild year-round weather and background of mountains.

Don’t forget to visit a few of the museums in Santa Ynez Valley, where you can learn about the colorful histories and influences in the area.<

There are also plenty of spas around for the ultimate pamper session, if a day of self-care is more what you have in mind. You can even travel to your day of revitalization with black car or limousine service, so the relaxation doesn’t have to end when your spa treatment does.

5. Visit Solvang

Stop in Solvang during your getaway. The Danish village will make you feel as though you’ve landed right in the middle of Denmark. Marvel at the half-timbered architecture, taste the pastries, and shop the charming boutiques for the latest trends. You’ll feel like you’ve had a getaway from your getaway.

Founded by Danish immigrants, the town is now a themed village where you can find small pieces of Denmark in California. You’ll see copies of the Little Mermaid statue, a bust of Hans Christian Anderson, and Danish windmills.

The Solving trolley provides a unique experience of Solvang’s cultural history, as a horse-drawn streetcar takes you through the town.

You might also find yourself in Solvang during one of the village’s celebrations and festivals, like the Grape Stomp, Danish Days, or Julefest. Or you can take in some performing arts culture at the Festival Theater.

For the easiest transportation to and from the village, look no further than black car or limousine service so you won’t miss any of the sights or worry about traffic and parking.

Santa Barbara wine country offers ample opportunities for rest, relaxation, and wine. It’s the perfect getaway for almost any traveler, and you’re guaranteed to have fun and learn something new in the area.

Whether you’re visiting with family or friends, on a fun vacation or for a special event, you’ll find plenty to do in Santa Barbara to keep you busy and immersed in the beautiful weather and culture.

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