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Santa Ynez Valley is picture-perfect, complete with rolling hills, stunning vineyards, and delicious restaurants that serve everything from home-cooked American dishes to the best Danish cuisine, and everything your taste buds desire. There’s something for all appetites and budgets in the valley.

Eating in Los Olivos

Besides the most delicious fresh-squeezed lemonade and homemade syrups, Los Olivos is home to over two dozen tasting rooms and long-standing favorites like the Doggy Door which makes for a gourmet lunchtime excursion. For an unforgettable dinner on your night out, head to the Bear and Star to try the unique menu that includes locally raised lamb and beef along with seasonal local produce prepared to perfection.

Eating in Santa Ynez Valley

Whether you’re visiting for a weekend with your besties or on a romantic getaway, there are no shortages of opulent and indulgent wineries where you can taste local variants and lap up picnic lunches or enjoy a fine dining experience. No visit to the valley is complete, though, without a trip to S.Y. Kitchen where you’ll not only find local wines and specially designed cocktails but modern takes on traditional Italian meals, too. Treat yourself to a black car service and sit back and relax as an experienced chauffeur transports you around the valley.

Salivating Solvang

If you’ve never visited the enchanted Danish-themed town of Solvang, you’re in for a memorable treat. The Santa Ynez Valley town is home to mouth-watering bakeries, dozens of tasting rooms, and the Solvang Restaurant, a much-loved venue for traditional meals like aebleskiver, pancakes overflowing with locally made raspberry jam.

If you are visiting Solvang, add First and Oak to your to-do list. Located in the charming Mirabelle Inn, the restaurant offers customized tasting menus complete with locally sourced produce and meat. It’s a beautiful setting for a romantic dinner after a day of wine tasting in the valley.

There’s no shortage of eateries in Santa Ynez Valley. From savoring local delights to dining down on homecooked goodness, you’re sure to find plenty of places to whet your appetite.

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