With picture-perfect coastal mountains over in the east and pristine beaches to the west, Santa Barbara is one of the most beautiful places to visit, especially when it comes to a weekend getaway with your beloved or a place to entertain business associates.

When it comes to navigating the gorgeous region, you really don’t want to miss out.

Here are just 6 things you’ll miss if you’re the one driving during your Santa Barbara trip.

1. The Courthouse

If you’re driving, you might just miss the visually stunning Spanish-Moorish “palace.” There’s always a concert or festival on the go, but the architecture itself is something to behold.

2. Lotusland

This estate garden, designs by the Polish opera singer, Ganna Walska, is home to a host of unusual plants that date back to dinosaur days. Not only are the gardens stunning to drive by, you may want to stop off for a visit at some time during your trip.

3. Old Mission Santa Barbara

This stunning structure is a joint effort of Chumash Indian labor and Franciscan vision. The architectural details are incredible and if you don’t have time for a tour during your trip, you’ll want to make sure you take in as much of the beauty as you can when you drive past.

4. Montecito

No other town quite does luxury or pulls off effortlessly chic the way Montecito does. Walk among the stars, enjoy a day of leisure, and take in the gorgeous mansions and architecture.

5. Riviera Hills

Just north of downtown Santa Barbara is the amazingly scenic Riviera Hills, an area that looks as though it’s popped right out of the picturesque Mediterranean coasts of Italy or France. The views here are unsurpassable and not to be missed during your trip.

6. Downtown Santa Barbara

You’ve absolutely got to visit downtown Santa Barbara and the bustling Funk Zone, or Urban Trail, for delectable food and sensational wines.

So, ditch the designated driver routine and hire a chauffeur to take you to these six gorgeous spots in Santa Barbara the next time you visit.

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