Whoever drives cannot drink! PERIOD. Local law enforcement literally stake out the roads around the most popular wineries looking for impaired drivers. By using a limo service, you don’t have to worry about cutting your fun short because you are the designated driver.

Our scenery is breath-taking but you can’t really appreciate it if you are the driver. Driving some of our narrow country roads can be challenging. And there are no street lights around the more distant wineries! More than one visitor has ended up in the middle of a vineyard after making a wrong turn in the dark.

Some visitors have thought about using Uber and Lyft. These two services seem to be fine for going to and from restaurants and your hotel. But do you really want to hire someone that does not have a Chauffer’s license and insurance to drive you to wineries?

By using a local limo service like Silk Road with a local and knowledgeable driver, you eliminate these worries and can enjoy the drive and your favorite wines.


Can you really stretch out and relax in your vehicle? Does it have enough leg-room for your passengers? Can the air conditioning keep up with our warm summers? Does it have room for your wine and other purchases?

And what if you are with a group of friends or family? Will they all fit in your car? Do you want to follow each other and hope the driver in front knows where you are going? And who is the designated driver who doesn’t get to taste the wine?

Our vehicles come in many sizes.  For example, we have a Mercedes Sprinter for large groups or a Party bus for those looking to dance their way to and from wineries. We also have a stretch limousine for the ones looking for a more luxurious experience or simply a comfortable and spacious SUV to accommodate smaller groups.

By using a limo service, you can get the right vehicle that matches your comfort and needs.


Unlike tours, you aren’t on any one’s schedule but yours when you use a limo service!  You set the time and the pace between wineries. You decide when the driver arrives and when you return to your hotel or home. You can be picked up and dropped off whenever and wherever you need.

Need to be back in town for a 6 o’clock dinner engagement? You never have to worry about drinking and driving, being late, or missing an event when you use a professional limo service. An experienced local driver will know the distance and time between locations and can map out the perfect wine tasting experience for the time you have.

One of the biggest benefits of using a limo is you have a personal concierge traveling with you for those last-minute requests! Want a picnic lunch between wineries? Maybe you need hotel or dinner reservations. You won’t need to worry about where to go or who to call when you have a knowledgeable driver who is dedicated to your comfort. You can relax and let a professional handle the details.


If you know exactly what wineries you want to visit, a local limo company will know the best way to get there and how to optimize the trip to see them in the time you have available.

If you don’t know a specific winery by name, a knowledgeable local limo company can help plan your trip!

Want a small boutique winery?

Want a winery that specializes in a certain type of wine?

Want a tasting room with multiple wines from the area or around the world?

Want beer and wine?

Want a winery that includes award-winning food?

Want a restaurant that will let you bring your purchased wine to dinner?

Want a restaurant that includes award-winning wines?

By using a LOCAL professional limo driver, you have someone who knows the best way to meet your requests.

While you can use any limo service while visiting Santa Barbara Wine Country, choosing a reputable and professional company like Silk Road Transportation will ensure your experience is memorable and special.