Hiring a limousine for a special occasion allows you the luxury of traveling in style while alleviating the stress of traffic and parking. 

Whether you’re considering a limo for your special event or just want to book a Santa Ynez day trip for you and your besties, there are a few things you’ll want to avoid. 

Following the below limo don’ts ensures a smooth and safe trip for passengers and drivers alike.

Getting In and Out of the Limousine

The point of riding in a luxury limousine is to relax and feel pampered. So, let the driver open the door for you when entering and exiting the vehicle. It’s also a good way of avoiding any mishaps. You really don’t need to do much for yourself, other than enjoy the experience.

Believe it or not, there is a correct way to get in and out of a limo. 

Firstly, never just hop in or out on your own. Wait for the chauffeur to open the door for you. 

If you’re first to get in the limo, take the first vacant seat and elegantly swing your legs in before moving along the row of seats.

Don’t Neglect the Vehicle

Riding in a limo is an extravagant treat, so it’s easy to get carried away. But you should treat the vehicle better than you would your own. Do your best not to damage anything inside the limo, and if you struggle with anything, simply ask your driver for help. 

Remember, limos are rented out to others, too. If it comes back damaged, you might find yourself with a hefty repairs bill. 

What’s more, remember that what you find in the limo stays in the limo. Guests often like to sneak glassware out of the vehicle as a memento of their journey, but these items are the property of the transportation company.

Don’t Damage the Upholstery

This is your chance to ride in a luxury vehicle. Transportation companies go to great lengths to keep their vehicles spotless so you can enjoy its sleekness and beauty. When you hire a limousine, be careful not to harm the upholstery or any other part of its interior. That means no putting your feet up or even standing on the seats. 

Don’t Let Things Get Out of Hand

Keep your crew under control, and you’ll have a lot more fun. Avoid smoking or taking drugs during your limousine ride.

Never take alcohol into the limo with you without prior consent from the company and your chauffeur. If you do drink during your ride, try to keep things under control and avoid getting rowdy. 

Don’t Bring Extra Passengers

You should know how many passengers there will be when you book your limo or black car service. If for any reason the amount increases, it’s good manners to let us know in advance. This allows us to choose the most comfortable and safe vehicle for your needs.

Don’t Get Rowdy

While the whole point of hiring a limo for an event means you may be partying, and with that comes drinking, try not to become so intoxicated that fights break out in the limo. It is dangerous and unnecessary. Rather keep control of your senses and you are a lot more likely to enjoy the overall experience.

Don’t Leave Trash in the Limousine

Throughout your journey, you’ll find that the limousine accumulates trash from shopping purchases, drinks, and food. It’s good etiquette to take the trash with you at the end of your trip. Leaving the vehicle as clean as it was when it picked you up is courtesy to your driver who has just done a long shift. It’s a courtesy that does not go unnoticed with the chauffeur and the transportation company.

Don’t Be Nasty to the Chauffeur

Our chauffeurs are trained and experienced. They’re always happy to accommodate you and your guests, provided your requests are reasonable. Don’t be rude to your driver or cause altercations. 

It’s also courtesy to tip your chauffeur if you had a great time.

Whether you’re planning a special surprise for a loved one the next time you’re in Santa Barbara, or have colleagues flying in that you want to impress, a limousine can make for a memorable and luxuriously comfortable treat.

A limousine is an unforgettable way to explore the city, impress guests and colleagues or simply show your loved one how much they mean to you. Follow these etiquette don’ts, and you’re sure to have the perfect chauffeur experience.

Book your limo service with Silk Road Transportation today for a superior experience with experienced chauffeurs.

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